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About Dental Bridges

A bridge closes in the open space between the teeth with a porcelain tooth that is attached to a crown, which is created to form over the attaching tooth. The fake tooth connects to the crown with a pontic. Our dentists offer several options for bridges at Village Elm Dental Care in Frisco, TX including, a cantilever bridge that covers the connected crown; a Maryland bridge, referred to as a resin-bonded bridge that attaches the fake tooth with extensions; or a crown that incorporates framework cemented to the nearby natural teeth.

What to Expect with Dental Bridges

To prepare the teeth for the bridge, our dentists will file down the abutment tooth to allow enough room for the crown. Once the teeth are made ready for the crown, X-ray imaging will be made so that a full visual can be achieved and these, along with the physical impressions will then be distributed to the lab where the final bridge is manufactured. Our dentists will fit the patient's teeth with temporary dental crowns for protection until the final bridge is ready. When the bridge is created, our dentists will affix the bridge and adjust the fit for a natural appearance and comfort.

Dental Bridges Treatment Aftercare

Professional bridges for the teeth can stay durable for years as long as diligent dental examinations at Village Elm Dental Care in Frisco, TX take place each year. It is also crucial that in addition to professional cleanings, patients focus incorporate a consistent at-home dental health regime. Per the dentist's instructions, brushing twice a day and flossing, which will allow the dental work to last for many years to come.

Dental Bridges Insurance Coverage

Coverage through insurance generally takes care of a decent portion of the total fee for professional bridges. The exact coverage will depend on the insurance plan, but our insurance coordinators at Village Elm Dental Care will coordinate with your provider to gain insight as to what the patient may owe. Our office accepts a variety of insurance plans. Individuals without insurance may take part in one of our payment plans.

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Dental Bridges Smile Without Gaps

Big spaces between teeth, as well as teeth that need to be extracted can discourage you from reaching your best smile. Talk to our dentists at Village Elm Dental Care about dental bridges so that those gaps can be sealed with pearly white teeth. Dental bridges not only improve a gorgeous smile, they can strengthen your oral hygiene for a strong and healthy mouth.

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