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About Dental Crowns

To heal and restore cracked teeth, yellowing enamel, substantial decay, and more concerns, dental crowns go over the whole tooth. At Village Elm Dental Care in Frisco, TX, crowns (also called caps) are sturdy, long-lasting covers that fit securely on top of the visible area of the tooth above the gumline for patients where dental decay is too big to be healed with a composite-resin filling or if the patient's tooth is cracked and requires a shield. Crowns may also be added to cover an off-color tooth as well as to increase the stability to a bridge. Crowns by our dentists at Village Elm Dental Care may be ceramic, porcelain, or metal, based on the placement of the crown. The hind teeth generally need the added durability of metal, whereas the social teeth look more attractive with ceramic or porcelain crowns that are shaded to blend with the patient's natural teeth.

What to Expect with Dental Crowns

To craft a customized crown, our dentists initially prep the tooth by taking off a slim layer of enamel before taking dental X-rays and physical impressions of the tooth that will be delivered to a dental lab. A temporary cap will be placed over the tooth while the custom, permanent crown is being built. Once the custom, permanent crown is returned to Village Elm Dental Care in Frisco, TX, our dentists will expertly secure and bond the crown over the tooth. Our dentists can modify the cap for a better fit.

Dental Crowns Treatment Aftercare

Some patients can have short-term soreness or heightened tooth sensitivity, however on the whole patients don't experience any discomfort once the cap is complete. With correct at-home care and recommended dental exams and professional cleanings, a dental crown can remain in place for at least ten years, based on the material and location of the cap. It is possible that a cavity or infection can cultivate in the tooth under the crown, which usually requires a root canal therapy or another procedure.

Dental Crowns Insurance Coverage

When the dental crown is deemed a necessary procedure, dental insurance policies usually pay a portion of the expenses, so our office staff at Village Elm Dental Care in Frisco, TX will consult with the insurance company to calculate their coverage as well as the patient's personal expenses. Estimated expenses, payment methods, and financing options are accepted in our office in Frisco, TX and can be explained at the patient's consultation with our dentists.

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Dental Crowns Strengthen and Protect

A cap or crown is placed to shield a chipped or decayed tooth, or to mask a discolored tooth. To improve the look or strength of a tooth, schedule an appointment with our dentists at Village Elm Dental Care in Frisco, TX and decide if a crown will work for your concerns and goals.

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