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Athletic Mouth Guards Frisco, TX

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About Mouth Guards

Mouth guards that are made-to-order by a dental professional, such as our dentists in Frisco, TX, may be used to defend the mouth while playing contact sports (i.e. martial arts and football) or other sports that can have a high risk of injury (i.e. biking and skateboarding). In addition to shielding the teeth, jaw, and gums, wearing a mouth guards has also been shown to improve athletic performance by decreasing stress, which lessens the production of hormones that can constrain strength, reaction time, and endurance. Although store-bought mouth guards are cheaper, custom-made mouth guards from our dentists at Village Elm Dental Care are crafted from better quality supplies, fit more securely, last for a longer time, and provide more protection, which can prevent expensive dental treatments.

What to Expect with Mouth Guards

To make the mouth guard, our dentists will take a collection of digital X-rays and physical impressions for the dental workshop where sophisticated equipment and superior resources will be used to craft the patient's custom mouth guard. As soon as the mouth guard is returned to Village Elm Dental Care in Frisco, TX, our dentists will fit the mouth guard for the patient's ideal fit and the most secure bite.

Mouth Guards Treatment Aftercare

Our dentists will explain all mouth guard maintenance guidelines, particularly the ideal method to wash and carry the mouth guard. To confirm the fit and wear of the guard is fine-tuned when needed, the patient should take their mouth guard to each of their cleaning appointments at Village Elm Dental Care. With good care, a mouth guard can be kept as many as 5 - 8 years, so our dentists will examine the mouth guard frequently and help every patient determine when they need a new mouth guard.

Mouth Guards Insurance Coverage

A custom-made mouth guard is typically not paid by insurance companies, however Village Elm Dental Care will determine every individual's benefits and personal expenses. To help make custom-made mouth guards reasonably priced for our patients, Village Elm Dental Care does take several methods of payment and we also have financing plans.

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Mouth Guards Protect and Prevent

To help you prevent expensive dental procedures, our dentists at Village Elm Dental Care offer custom-made mouth guards for physical activities to help shield your gums, teeth, and jaws from traumatic impact. A custom-made mouth guard from Village Elm Dental Care in Frisco, TX guards your dental health with a snug fit and a better feeling.

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