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Oral-Conscious Sedation Frisco, TX

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About Oral-Conscious Sedation

At Village Elm Dental Care in Frisco, TX, our dentists offer oral-conscious sedation to patients for some longer treatments or to help patients who experience fear or anxiety when visiting the dentist's office. Oral-conscious sedation is given as a capsule around one hour before their dental procedure. The capsule can be prescribed as a mild or medium level, based on the patient’s needs and the treatments that is performed. Light sedation can make the patient become sleepy, however they don't generally fall asleep. Medium sedation is better for complex treatments to help the patient become relaxed and the patient can go into a light sleep. Although different sedation techniques may be fine-tuned during the treatment, the amount of oral-conscious sedation cannot be adjusted.

What to Expect with Oral-Conscious Sedation

Our dentists will consult with the patient to fully go over their allergies, medications, and medical history to decide if the patient is a good candidate for oral-conscious sedation or other techniques. If oral-conscious sedation is picked, our dentists will write a prescription for the capsule for the patient to ingest around an hour prior to their appointment. The patient won't be allowed to drive before or after their procedure, because the patient will be awake, but in a hazy state. During the treatment, the patient will be awake enough to listen to our dentists and to comply with any directions. Some patients will lose consciousness throughout the treatment, although they can be gently woken when the service is complete.

Oral-Conscious Sedation Treatment Aftercare

Patients cannot drive for the next day after using oral-conscious sedation, so our dentists suggest that every patient arrange for a reliable person to drive them home following their scheduled procedure. Although the patient typically stays awake during the service, the sedation sometimes causes temporary memory loss. Oral-conscious sedation is usually reliable, however a few patients can have short-term stomach trouble. Any troubling side effects or prolonged discomfort should be told to our dentists at Village Elm Dental Care right away.

Oral-Conscious Sedation More Information

Oral-Conscious Sedation Insurance Coverage

Based on the patient’s dental insurance plan, part or all of the expense of oral-conscious sedation can be paid. Village Elm Dental Care will contact the patient’s dental insurance provider before the treatment to calculate their insurance coverage and out-of-pocket cost. Our dentists at Village Elm Dental Care take several types of payment and we will help connect patients to financing options.

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If you are planning a lengthy treatment at Village Elm Dental Care or if you dodge your annual dental exam and twice yearly dental cleaning because of fear, oral-conscious sedation or another sedation method will help you to stay comfortable and relaxed at your appointment at Village Elm Dental Care. To get more info, arrange a consultation with our dentists and discover more regarding sedation choices, such as oral-conscious sedation.

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